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Blomberg, the brand of your next washing machine?

Here how it all began .....

The manufacturer of Blomberg comes from Ahlen / Westphalia.
This company was founded in 1883.
In 1949 the production began with washing machines, then followed by other household appliances.

In 1994 the company acquired multiple times by other companies since then subordinated to the Beko Blomberg Germany GmbH

Blomberg is with his household appliances manufactures very high on the environmental scale, because all the devices that have less harmful to the environment.
This means that all devices are environmental friendly.

Even with a little detergent and electricity consumption, the care and washing result is excellent.
By fabulous technology Blomberg washing machine consumes a 50% less electricity than conventional machines.
Even with the consumption of clothes dryers is 30% lower than in others.
Here they can conserve energy efficient environment.
Have you ever heard of a dishwasher that does not work with just one push of a button then you should look at the times when Blomberg offers. Here, for example, would be the smart touch.Diese dishwasher is fully automatic and has a display screen for rinse aid and salt. Also shows evidence of the display.
Thanks to this machine dries your dishes in no time.

If you ever have the problem that you know they have bought one of these machines but not where you have the instructions, no problem with us you can be downloaded at any time your online user guide. Or see the manual Blomberg simply send by mail.

The Blomberg manual will help you use your device.

The Blomberg customer service is available with proffesional workers to the side so that small errors or defects can be rectified as soon as possible.

Blomberg represents Langiebigkeit and tested quality.
That means all Blomberg Household appliances are tested 100% before you are computer controlled for sale. All our units have 2-year guarantee on delivery and functional parts.

For questions or problems, contact our customer service for you at any time.
You can reach us by telephone or by e-mail or fax.
Even if you have problems with the manual Blomberg write or call us and we will help you immediately continue.

Blomberg, the company has been synonymous with exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

So when you want to purchase or find an instruction manual Blomberg simply we will help wherever we can.

Blomberg, a company with a heart for decades.

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